About Us

LINDA BATES B.A., Dip. Herb Med., Nutrition, Member and Fellow of N.H.A.A.

All our mixes are formulated by Linda Bates, Traditional Herbalist. Linda has 35 years’ clinical experience working closely with patients suffering from digestive problems, damaged gut walls and leaky gut syndrome. Patients with chronic health problems and compromised immunity with impaired digestive ability. Many had bacterial, fungal, viral and parasite infections in the gut.
Linda is one of Australia’s leading Herbalists who has been using medicines made from fresh herbs for most of her clinical practice years.

You can read more about Linda on www.lindabatesherbalmedicine.com

GEMMA POKRZYWA Clinical Nutritionist & Western Herbal Medicine Practitioner, 
BHSc Western Herbal Medicine
, Adv Dip Nutritional Medicine

Gem has always been drawn to the philosophy of earth to table cooking.  Using fresh medicinal herbs, organic fruit and vegetables as well as fresh ground spices she created a holistic boutique catering business using fresh, vibrant food full of life force. She is a professional cook for retreats and events and spends her spare time in the kitchen creating. She has also worked with bustling Sydney cafes, tweaking their menus to squeeze in as many medicinal super foods as she can. Guided by her palate, Gem has travelled extensively, spending time with nomadic communities around the world, learning traditional methods of both cooking and herbal medicine.

After completing studies in Nutritional Medicine, Gem felt called to share her knowledge by empowering people to make food and lifestyle choices,  that improve their vitality and support their lives.  Next came a Health Science degree majoring in Western Herbal Medicine, after Gem experienced  the healing power of medicinal herbs through healing her own digestive issues. Her personal health journey has led her deep into the science of gut health and healing, strengthening her understanding and allowing her to work with experiential knowledge and compassion with her clients.

And with a name like Pokryzwa, which means Nettle, you would think she’s on her right path!!!