Candida and Anti-biotics

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The most common cause of Candida overgrowth is overuse of antibiotics.

Antibiotics have been designed to “combat certain bacterial infections in man”. Broad spectrum anti-biotics are “agents with a lethal or growth inhibiting action on a wide variety of pathogenic bacteria.” Anti-biotic means “inimical to life.” Inimical means hostile or harmful. Anti-biotics are not anti-viral in their action.

Anti-biotics destroy the natural bacterial and microbial flora of the intestines. This flora is supposed to exist in your G.I. tract and has necessary and beneficial work to do which contributes to your ability to break down food, absorb nutrients from it, and pass this food easily through your intestines. So far we know of 10 natural colonies living in the intestinal tract – all vital for life and for digestion and for brain function. As many as possible need to be re-introduced after a course of anti-biotics.

If you need to take a course of anti-biotics you could eat Acidophilus goats or sheeps yogurt daily, to support your digestive system against the chemical onslaught – it helps to balance the ecology of the gut. And a course of powerful probiotics can be taken at the same time, which should be kept in the fridge. These can be bought at the Health shop, from the fridge.

If your intestines have already sustained damage from courses of anti-biotics, then you may have the fungus known as candida albicans spreading up through your G.I. tract causing more and more distress to your body – such as inability to digest food and absorb nutrients, allergic reactions to foods, itchy skin, gut walls covered in fungal overgrowth, gut leaks and overwhelmed immunity.

You may need a course of anti-fungal herbal medicine to kill the overgrowth of Candida – back to where it is natural and necessary – in the lower bowel.

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In 35 years of practice I have consistently found that a course of probiotics such as acidophilus will only help temporarily. When the candida fungus has grown up through your system and is lining the walls of your gut and stomach the acidophilis will not take up residence and flourish. Neither will your natural digestive juices be able to get through the walls and help you digest food. This fungus needs to be destroyed before the natural bacteria such as acidophilus can flourish. The only way I have found effective in the long term is to use anti-fungal herbal medicines along with simple fresh organic food.

In the Reboot your Gut programme we support you to discover the best diet for you to work with for restoring your microbiome and finding with herbal medicines and coaching from Professional Naturopaths and Nutrition experts.  

PROBIOTICS are not anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-amoebic or anti-parasitic. Pro-Biotics means simply pro-life.

This condition of Candida overgrowth is treated by your body as a long running infection and will overwhelm your immunity as well as your digestive ability. Gut leaks are developed by long term Candida overgrowth problems and ineffective digestive systems.

Other problems such as gut leaks, constant sore throats can be treated with herb medicines and/or specially designed nutritional supplements and will be talked about in another newsletter.

Back to – Anti-biotics!

They are an invaluable gift to humanity, saving lives and improving the quality of existence when they are used with discretion and where their use is apropriate. Herbs can be used to support the antibiotic treatment with anti-viral treatment as well as assisting the body to recover from the antibiotics.

Herbal medicines can also treat the infections and infestations. Modern scientific research has shown us many herbs which have anti-microbial actions, which means they work directly against invading microbes. In addition they augment and vitalise the body’s own defences. Research is demonstrating many herbs which have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and immune enhancing properties.

Remember – the first effective anti-biotic drug, penicillin, was discovered on a plant, a fungus.