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Fresh plant tinctures take us back to the origins of our western herbal medicine traditional knowledge. The medicinal actions and effects of these plant medicines has been observed and collected by experienced clinicians for thousands of years. This is our evidence base originating from using fresh plant tinctures.

   Our REBOOT+ tincture mixes are made from freshly picked herbs grown on a certified organic farm near Barrington, Tasmania. Grown with love in the foothills of Tasmania’s ancient mountains where the cleanest winds on earth bring mists and rain from the Antarctic Ocean. High on a hill with no risk of pollution by surrounding farms, the farm has their own off-grid water supply which is checked twice a year for purity. Used to make our tinctures within hours of harvesting, the plants have captured and retained this original living water inside their cells thus maintaining plant vitality. This vital force, pure and straight from Nature, is in our REBOOT+ medicines.

   These plants have been used as medicine for thousands of years. They are the most wondrous life forms we have on this earth.

PREPARE : Herbal medicine for reducing withdrawals from sugar and wheat and to assist in hydrating your gut walls. This mix is to activate the pancreas and the liver to resume their blood sugar control functions and improve their metabolism of the food you eat and your use of the fluids you drink. It will support you through the diet changes you must make to enable the repair of your gut walls and digestive functions. This mix begins the restoration of your microbiome.

01 REPAIR : Herbal medicine for detox with anti-candida, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial gut clean up with immune support. Supports the liver to detox the blood and restore this vital organs ability to participate in hundreds of metabolic processes, including digestion. Begins the process of restoring the gut walls, healing the gut leaks and repairing the damage. Helps the kidneys to filter out the toxins and improve hydration of the body.

02 RESTORE : Herbal medicine for detox with anti-parasite and anti-viral liver, immune and digestive support. Sweeps out the parasites that may be still living in your gut walls and organs. Switches on the stomach, gallbladder and liver for improved digestive ability. Supports the immune system to help clear out the dying colonies of parasites. Repairs the damage done by the parasites to systems and organs.

03 REBUILD : Herbal medicine for gut wall rebuild and restoring digestive ability. Also repairs digestive organs – stomach, liver, pancreas, spleen, small intestine walls, large intestine walls.