Reboot + Your Gut Programme


A programme to restore your digestive ability, repair your gut walls, and rebuild your health. A carefully designed schedule for those that may have experience with a leaky gut, irritable bowel disease (IBD or IBS), Crohns disease, candida or fungal overgrowth, small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), large intestine bacterial overgrowth (LIBO), bloating and pain, constant sore throats, oesophagul reflux (GERD), stomach and duodenal ulcers, diverticulitis, pyrroles in the blood, joint aches and pains, muscle aches and pains, halitosis and gum infections, chronic constipation or diarrhea, chronic skin inflammation and rashes, psoriasis, auto-immune diseases, fibromyalgia.

What Do I Get?

Expert Supervision

Consultations so we know how your unique body struggles with gut distress. Help to understand how to care for your individual physiology and needs.


The Prepare, Repair, Restore & Reboot herbal medicine programme. How to use the treatment and what to expect from them.


A detailed and supervised programme supported by your Naturopaths, Herbalists and Nutrition coaches over the period of 20 weeks.

Personalised Meal Plans

New understandings about how to combine foods that suit your body type and lifestyle. Recipes, meal designs, shopping lists, where to buy guidance, lists of what to add when.

What Our Customers Say

Crystal C
Crystal C

Excellent results to all who seek better health care! My daughter, age 16 had CFS post viral with a viral hepatitis. This had been ongoing for about 12 months. We had tried both allopathic and naturopathic treatment to no avail. Then we were referred to Linda. A month after our first appointment my daughter’s health began to turn around. Within 3 months Rachel (my daughter) was attending a gym on a daily basis and resumed her education. I found Linda to be an excellent medical herbalist and equally important an understanding and empathetic practitioner.

Vicki D.
Vicki D.

My problems started at the age of 40 and continued till the age of 69. Sleepless nights, bloated painful tummy. Doctors did tests and look-see operations, dieticians gave me diets, and nothing helped. Then you put me on the right track, Linda. With your herbs and advice on food I began to recover. After a month my bloating was going down and I was sleeping better. After 3 months I had no pain and really good nights. I took all your herbs and still stick to your diet advice. And I feel like a 60 year old instead of a 75 year old. Thank you Linda, from the bottom of my heart.