For REBOOT+ products we are using herbal medicines because they restore and repair the tissue, organs and functions of the body. They contain special medicinally active ingredients, called alkaloids and glycosides, which are not found in ordinary foods. They also contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. Everything we need to give us life.

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Once the gut walls are damaged and leaky gut syndrome exists then the source of infections, pathogens, too easily leak through the gut wall into the blood to be carried round the body and challenging immunity even more. Every 20 seconds this blood passes through the liver where detoxifying takes place.

  Undigested food molecules arriving in your gut from indigestible foods are also treated as pathogens by your immune system. These too can arrive in your blood through leaky gut walls. When your blood contains pathogens, it will be full of immune cells trying to clean things out and immune chemicals which make you feel unwell.

  Behind almost every medically named dis-ease state is an unhealthy struggling gut and a diet that is difficult to digest. This results in deficiencies of vital nutrients, the development of chronic ailments, inflammation and pain.


In a healthy gut the walls are host to colonies of bacteria and microbes which help you break down and digest food.

  The walls of the gut (stomach, small intestine, colon, large intestine) and the respiratory system are the places where our immune system needs to function most strongly to defend us against invaders.

  The gut walls also release enzymes, acids and important chemicals which break down foods into nutrients. These nutrients are then received back through those healthy walls into the blood which carries them to where they are needed.